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There is nothing more magical and amazing than a child's imagination.


As a kid, I used to close my eyes and when I would open them again, everything was possible. Reality and fantasy became just one.


Dreamland is a place where dragons are our friends, and you can pick up a star if you climb all the way up the ladder. A place where fairies are hiding in the woods and not only in fairytales. Where you can be invisible by just closing your eyes. Where a stick can be your incredible wand, and where some glitter dust is all you need to fly away.


This is exactly what a Dream Session is: looking through your child's eyes and entering their exciting world, to create whimsical images that will be a life reminder for your kids of what the world looks like as a child.


And a reminder for grown-up, that if we let the doors open to magic, the world is a much more amazing place, full of colors, surprises and delightful as much as unexpected moments.


So close you eyes, open them again and let the DREAM begin!

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