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Maternity session usually takes place between the 32nd and 36th weeks of pregnancy.

I encourage newborns to be photographed between 5 to 15 days old (to ensure curly position and avoid acne and colics). I book a limited number of sessions each month to guarantee a high quality service to all my clients, so you should contact me as soon as possible during your pregnancy to book it. I usually pencil your due date in my calendar in order to guarantee my availability to you and we will then schedule the exact date once your baby arrived.

When should we book our maternity and newborn session?

I am an on-location photographer and all my images are taken either at my clients home or outdoor. I love to include natural settings and normally the outdoor sessions take place in the two hours before sunset or after sunrise, while for newborn and at-home session I tend to prefer mid to late morning time. We will discuss what is best suitable for your needs and type of session during our pre-session consultation.

Where and when will our session take place?
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What do we need to bring?

True love, tenderness and giggles are the most essential thing you need to bring with you. I have everything that we might need, but my goal is to personalize each session to truly represent YOU. We will discuss any option in our pre-session consultation, and I always encourage my clients to bring a few accessory that are special to you and your family, so we can include it in your images.

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How many images do we see to choose our products from?

I stand for quality over quantity and each image is individually processed and handcrafted for optimal results. I select the best 25 images for each session and finish them both in colours and black and white versions. Options to request further edited images are available on request.

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Are digital files included?

Digital files are not included in the session fee, although they are available to purchase both in my product collections and à la carte menu.

I deeply value high quality printed photography and I believe that if you're hiring a professional photographer, you deserve to receive a professional finished products that will last for generations in your family.

Think about it, would you prefer having your beautiful images on usb key hiding in your desk drawer or would you rather have them hanging on amazing quality supports as true art pieces?

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What is the turnaround time for our final products?

Two weeks after your session we will schedule your viewing and ordering appointment. It then usually takes 2 to 4 weeks for product delivery, depending on the types of products.

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What gear do you use?

I use Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens, Canon100mm f/2.8L Macro lens and Canon 17-40mm f/4L lens. My latest addition is the Sigma Art 35mm.

Each client and every single session is truly important for me. My goal is to realize a customized portrait that represent who you are and the connections in your family. I hope you will find here the basics but I would be very happy to personally answer any questions you might have to make this experience truly YOURS. I look forward to hearing from you :)

I personally can say that my own photos are THE most precious belonging I own. Their value, to me is endless.

Photography is a powerful art. It's what helps keeping our memories alive. It is what your children in 20-50 years will still look at and see how much their childhood had been filled with love, giggles and cuddles.

They grow fast, and often we get caught up in the daily running and forget to look for the beauty of little things. Let me capture for you all those little details, those connections and the amazing love you share. I will create something amazing that you and your children will cherish forever. A beautiful, high quality, Art Portrait.

Why should we invest in custom professional photography?


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