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The LOVE between family members is one of the most precious things in life.


The connections amongst the parents and their children, the affection and complicity between brothers and sisters, the pureness and absoluteness of those feelings that are so evident in the interactions of the family members...

no family is perfect, but these are still the most blissful little moments...


My approach is very playful, natural and I encourage "my" families to play and interact together in the most simple ways... During the 1-2 hours of session, I want them to have fun and live the joyous love they share, to create special memories in their heart. And as they forget that a professional photographer is there with them, I create tangible memoir for them of this beautiful time through photography.


I really like doing family sessions outdoor as it gives everyone a beautiful setting to play in and feelings of freedom, so I love to explore the beautiful nature surrounding Madrid & Milan for this type of portraits.


Most of my clients will choose some photos to create amazing wall arts for their home and then cherish the rest of their 25-30 images in a beautiful album.


Family session are very suitable to create a Dream Session, while motherhood and breastfeeding sessions are also available to capture that special bond between a mother and child.


Contact me to find out if I am the best family photographer for you in Madrid or Milan. I can't wait to meet you!

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