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I am a strong believer that everone should regularly hire a professional photographer to capture their family's magic, BUT it is also true that no photographer will ever be able to constantly be there in your life and immortalise all the important milestones and memories that each family should be able to look back at.

So, what is the solution? YOU need to take photos too! And I want to teach you how to do so, without any complicated theory and keeping it simple but effective to give a huge boost to the quality of the images you can take with your camera, no matter which type you own.


This course does take place in Madrid over an afternoon, and consist of 2 hours theory + 2 hours hands on shooting practice.
After the course you will also have access to a Facebook support group where you will be able to share your progress and get feedbacks from your teacher, Aurelie, as well as the other students.


Whether you use your phone's camera, a mirrorless or DSLR camera, YOU WILL LEARN:


  • how to get genuine expressions from your kids that rocks and how to constantly taking photos full of emotions

  • 5 simple composition tips that will drastically transform your photos

  • a simple method to get your photos in focus

  • how to find great light in all sort of conditions and understand why light is one of the most important aspects for success

  • easy steps to nail all kind of situation, from fast movement to disturbing backgrounds

  • a simple but effective go to set up for your camera when taking photos of children, without spending weeks reading the manual

  • to finally get the hang of exposure and camera settings with an easy metaphor

  • the 4 steps to get that lovely blurry background that will make your photo look like pro

  • the most effective one step to quickly editing your photos to enhance them to give them a professional look

  • and last but not least we'll ensure you don’t get overwhelmed with thousands of photos left abandoned on your hard drive


The course is accessible to all levels, as everything is plainly explained in English and reinforced with examples and hands on practice!

Check the next available course dates here and book now to ensure your spot!



If you have any questions, contact



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